Take a Virtual Ride
Take a Virtual Ride
Take a Virtual Ride

Fill your tank. Empty your schedule.

Few things are better than hitting the highway with nothing but the handlebars in front of you. In South Dakota, our most scenic motorcycle routes range from open prairie roads to winding pigtail bridges in the Black Hills.

Use the interactive motorcycle map to find your favorite motorcycle roads and watch real, bike-cam video of each route. You can even share photos and videos or chat live with other riders as they plot their own tours. Plan your motorcycle trip to the Black Hills with reasources from the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety.

Did you know you can get construction updates for South Dakota? Just visit www.safetravelusa.com/sd or dial 511 to get complete road construction information, including road closures due to accidents, fires, etc.

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Wear a Helmet. You can live with that.