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Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle Safety - South Dakota Rides. South Dakota Office of Highway Safety
When you get on your bike, you might not think about getting into an accident. But you should always think about motorcycle safety.

In 2012, 25 people were killed in motorcycle-related accidents in South Dakota, and 468 riders were injured. Many of these crashes involved excessive speed, alcohol or a lack of training and safety gear.

In South Dakota, we’re passionate about the safety of the drivers and riders on our roadways. While we want you to enjoy the scenic views and twisting highways, we also want you to return home to your family. South Dakota offers various motorcycle safety classes for all skill levels, in addition to safety FAQs on how you can ride alive.


Rider Safety Tips

There are two types of bikers: the ones who’ve crashed, and the ones who could. Make sure you’re prepared and protected every time with these Rider Safety Tips.

Check out this article about how you can be safe by wearing safety gear on every ride.

Other helpful motorcycle safety information:

Motorcycles and Scooters: Rules, Regulations, Rumors

Motorcycle Safety Starts With You

Motorcycle Safety/Education & Awareness Presentations 

For groups who are interested in learning more about Motorcycle Safety, Helmet Safety, Education, and Awareness topics, the SD Office of Highway Safety has the following presentations available.  Just drop us a note to get one scheduled!

Street Smart - Rider Perception
This program is designed to help a rider improve perception. It uses highly interactive individual and group activities, and stresses the ‘Search and Evaluate’ parts of the overall Search-Evaluate-Execute (SEE) strategy used in MSF courses. The presentation is divided into four parts: (1) Introduction to Perception, (2) Improving Perception, (3) Analysis of Collision Traps, and (4) Road Sign and Collision Trap Practice.

Intersection - Motorist Awareness Kit
Intersection is a great approach to enhance motorist awareness of motorcycles. The program combines personal stories and character development with a dramatic new look at a crash scene that’s all too common. The presentation contains three separate 13-minute versions to appeal to teens (via driver education classes), adults (via traffic schools), and commercial drivers.
SeasonedRider - Motorcycling for the Best Years of Your Life 
This presentation is a fun, activity-based learning program that is great for local riding clubs or community events.  All of the activities are designed to help riders assess and compensate for the effects of aging on their ability to effectively manage risk when operating a motorcycle. A SeasonedRider Module presentation can last from 30 to 90 minutes. Although the content and activities are generally targeted at riders over the age of 40, the sessions are appropriate for any age and any type of vehicle operator.

Riding Straight - Alcohol Awareness
This presentation is used for motorcycling and impaired riding. It is a great program for special events, riding club meetings and rallies, and community outreach programs to deliver this very important message.

Share the Adventure - Group Riding
A group riding program where riders can learn about ride preparation, standards for organization of the ride, and important knowledge such as proper formations in complex traffic situations. Another great learning opportunity for riding groups. 


Motorcycle Inspection Tips

A safe ride starts with your bike. Keep your motorcycle in top condition with this T-CLOCS Safety Inspection List.

South Dakota Rides - Motorcycle Safety. Wear a helmet on every ride. South Dakota Office of Highway Safety.


Conference Presentations Archive

Presentations on aspects of the Motorcycle Safety Program are given throughout the year and are available for your use.

2013 Transportation Safety Conference: Keep Motorcyclists Off the Endangered Species List
2013 RiderCoach Professional Development Workshop, March 16, 2013